Employment and Labour

We offer employment and labour relations practices in Tanzania. Our team has ample experience in advising employers on lawful termination procedures, the fundamental rights and protections afforded by employment and labour laws, issues concerning workman’s compensation, social security payments, severance pay and other terminal benefits, employment contracts, trade unions and collective agreements and retrenchment.

A snapshot of our experience:

  • Advised and assisted Pact Tanzania, Intra-Health, Save the Children and World Education Inc. (WEI) in a restructuring process which lead to retrenchment of employees.
  • Advised and assisted Intra-Health on retrenchment following restructuring and closure of some of its projects.
  • Advised the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation on the procedures under the Tanzanian labour laws for retrenchment for operational reasons.
  • Advised Global Fluids International (GFI), JICA on the labour regime in Tanzania relating to termination on grounds of poor performance.
  • Undertook the review of employment contracts and Human Resources Manuals on behalf of CCBRT, JICA, Colgate-Palmolive, Save the Children, I-Tech, the Embassy of Denmark, the Royal Norwegian Embassy and NRC.
  • Successfully handled all employment and labour matters, including disputes, during the privatization and re-organization of the National Microfinance Bank Limited and the National Bank of Commerce Limited.
  • Advised JICA, Facebook Inc and Asco Holding Norge AS on the implication and applicability of Workman’s Compensation Act of 2002 as amended in 2008.
  • Provided training and seminars on employment and labour related matters to Statoil Tanzania As and AEL.
  • Successfully represented Ndovu Resources in relation to employment standards and advised a proposed restructuring of its operations posts at Mtwara base.
  • Assisted New Forest Company Limited in undertaking disciplinary procedures against a number of its employees.
  • Successfully advised CITI Bank on its restructuring programs in compliance of both the Labour Laws and the regulations of the Bank of Tanzania (BOT).