Pro Bono

We are committed to giving back to our communities. We believe that we have a special responsibility to our communities. Thus, we acknowledge such responsibility and take it humbly and with honour.

Some of the Pro bono activities conducted by the Firm include:

  • Training Tanzanian Government Lawyers: New Perimeter in collaboration with IMMMA Advocates was invited by the Tanzania Office of the Attorney General to provide two week-long pro bono training courses on negotiations and international arbitration to Tanzanian government lawyers.
  • Tanzania Law School Teaching: Since 2010, DLA Piper and IMMMA Advocates partnered with firm client, General Electric (GE) on a legal drafting teaching project at the Law School of Tanzania in Dar es Salaam,Tanzania. The project was initiated by DLA Piper UK in collaboration with IMMMA Advocates after assessing interns that we used to receive from the Law School and came up with this Pro bono training that ran for four years, 2007 to 2011.
  • Our individual lawyers in the Firm continues to hold dock briefs, receive and work on assignments from the Tanganyika Law Society and the Judiciary.